Build a better boathouse

Consider your impact on the shoreline when you build a nautical garage

By Don Ross

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The first rules to consider when designing your boathouse are those by Transport Canada: marine criteria for not obstructing waterways. Your plans must meet industry standards. (Visit for more information.)

All fish-related issues in Canada fall first to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The federal Fisheries Act refers to fish in a very broad sense, which include finned fellows and even invertebrates, crustaceans, eggs, larvae and spawn. The act defines fish habitat as “spawning grounds and nursery, rearing, food supply and migration areas on which fish depend directly or indirectly to carry out their life processes.” To ensure your project has the appropriate approvals and permits, contact your local conservation authority or Natural Resources office. Check out the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Don’t leave municipal permits out of your approval process as building permits may be needed, and there are likely municipal bylaws to be considered.

The Canadian Coast Guard must be informed of any project that has the potential to interfere with navigation of the body of water. To contact the Coast Guard communications branch, call 613-993-0999.

Timing is everything. No permits for in-water work will be issued during spawning seasons. The spawning period varies from region to region, depending on the physical and biological needs of fish species. Generally, the construction season is in late summer. In some locations, work done on or through the ice may be permitted, unless there is a cold-water nursery to be protected. Check with your local Natural Resources office for details.

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