A guide to hanging paintings, mirrors or flat TVs

The proper way to hang even the heaviest objects around your house

By Jay Somerset

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No Studs: Studs never seem to be where you need them. In such cases, it’s especially important to choose wall fasteners that spread the weight while protecting the wallboard from crumbling. For these cases, the answer is easy: E-Z Anchors. Use multiple anchors, depending on the size of the item being hung.

Steel Studs: Metal studs are made of thin sheet metal that can easily strip fastener holes, so always use fine-threaded metal screws and drill slowly.

Plaster: To keep crumbling to a minimum, drill pilot holes and use plastic or metal plugs. For heavier applications, a concrete sleeve anchor works best.

Masonry: You will need to use longer expanding anchors made of all metal that are designed for masonry (bricks, stucco, concrete). Hang light objects from special tempered-steel masonry nails. For heavier objects, fill predrilled holes with anchors that have a resilient sleeve that expands to hold a screw or bolt in place.

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