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Two Tools for Tearing Up a Deck

By Matthew Pioro May 25th, 2010

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Ripping out nails.











In typical, Victoria Day fashion, I had a conversation about decks this weekend. A friend and I bashed out a few ideas for the space around his cottage. He has two entrances to his building, one with a small deck platform and the other with stairs that simply come down from a set of french doors. The grand plan is to join the entrances with a low deck that runs beside the cottage.

Popping deck boards

Since my friend isn’t working with a blank slate, he’ll have to do some tearing up, which made me think of two elegant wrecking, nay, dismantling tools. I saw both the Duckbill deck wrecker and its sibling, the nail puller, at our show, in March of this year. They both make the chores of popping boards and removing nails easier. So, when my friend starts working on his new deck, I know what jobs I’ll volunteer for.

For more information, visit Deck Masters of Canada.

For advice on how to build a deck, try this article, “Build a top notch deck.”

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