Bathroom renovation on a budget

Replacing only the essentials keeps this bathroom project on budget

By Gary Rudy


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It’s not unheard of in today’s booming renovation market for a contractor to charge $10,000 for even a small bathroom renovation. The budget for this project was approximately $1,500-which ruled out major alterations such as new floors and relocated walls. But we still wanted to give this compact, aging bathroom a fresh, new look. To keep costs down, only the elements that needed to be changed were. The renovation included wainscotting panels for the walls, a new low-volume toilet, replacing the pedestal sink and faucet, plus an updated mirror and new light fixture. And to keep the labour budget down, the whole family pitched in!

To-do list:
– replace door trim
– replace toilet
– replace mirror
– paint walls
– wainscott walls
– replace leaky faucet and damaged sink

Reno on budget:
Toilet, sink, faucet       $1,100
Mirror                             $150
Wainscotting                  $100
Paint                                $60
Plumbing supplies         $100
Total                            $1,500

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Nov. 26, 2013

5:08 pm

Would love to see the finished project - even better - a before and after shot

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