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Is your level level?

By Matthew Pioro December 9th, 2011

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You know that level you bought 10 years ago? Well, it may not be so level. It’s true that the instrument used for testing for true can become inaccurate. The level doesn’t necessarily have to get backed over by your half-ton either: cheap materials and low-quality construction can lead to wonky readings.

So, how do you know if your level is still good? Earlier this week, the folks from Irwin were here at CHW HQ to show us some of their new levels. We asked Bill Craig of Irwin that very question.

“The level is one of the more personal tools you’ll carry,” Craig said. That connection explains why so many have beat up levels with X’s on the inaccurate vials.

Craig’s level test is simple. Put the level on a surface, such as a table. Take note of the location of the bubble in the vial. Flip the level 180°. The level should provide the exact same reading. With an inaccurate level, you won’t get this “mirror image” behaviour.

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1 comment

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Lawrence W

Jan. 6, 2012

1:15 pm

8 out of 10 levels on the shelf are not accurate. The test above is also not as accurate as it could be. You need to flip and rotate to check level... then check plumb as well, rotate, flip etc.

Better description is here... http://www.gardenstructure.com/checking_level_accuracy


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