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New Stanley power tools

By Matthew Pioro April 10th, 2012

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The big news in Toolsville: hand-tool heavy-hitter Stanley now has a power-tool line. Really, this development shouldn’t be much of a surprise after we saw DeWalt, Stanley’s sibling company, come out with hand tools last year. These new tools will be available in early May at Rona.

So, where do the Stanley tools fit in the DeWalt/Porter-Cable/Black & Decker family? Big brother like DeWalt? Or I-barely-have-my-training-wheels-off little brother like B & D? Well, let’s look at some numbers available.

Stanley and P-C 12-volt drivers

Stanley 12-volt Max Li-ion drill/driver (FMC010LB) Porter-Cable 12-volt Max Li-ion drill/driver (PCL120DDC-2)
Speed 0-315 / 0-1,200 rpm 0-315 / 0-1,200 rpm
Torque 220 in.-lb. 220 in.-lb.
Chuck size 3/8″ 3/8″
Price $120 $120

What the numbers say

The strong family resemblance seems to indicate that the Stanley is lick-and-stick of the Porter-Cable.

20-volt impact drivers

Stanley 20-volt Max Li-ion impact driver (FMC640LB) DeWalt 20-volt Max Li-ion impact driver (DCF885C2)
Speed 0-2,900 rpm 0-2,800 rpm
Torque 1,600 in.-lb. 1,400 in.-lb.
Chuck size 1/4″ 1/4″
Price $200 $250

What the numbers say

It looks like the Stanley is the bigger machine in the speed and the torque departments. However, its battery also looks a bit beefier, in the “man, this is heavy” way.

20-volt hammer drills

Stanley 20-volt Max Li-ion hammer drill (FMC620LB) DeWalt 20-volt Max Li-ion hammer drill (DCD785C2)
Speed 0-350 / 0-1,500 rpm 0-600 / 0-2,000 rpm
Blows Per Minute 25,500 34,000
Chuck size 1/2″ 1/2″
Price $200 $260

What the numbers say

Big brother DeWalt could metaphorically put his arm out and hold little Stanley by the head as he swings wildly, not landing a hit.

So, this quick little look seems to put Stanley somewhere between Porter-Cable and DeWalt. What do you think? Is Stanley a good addition to the family?

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