Learn how to steam bend wood

By Canadian Home Workshop

Ken Tunard shows us the fundamentals of steam bending using a 180 degree angle.

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Sep. 22, 2012

6:35 pm

I thank you too, for a very informative video. it gives me all the information needed to build and use one. I also have to ask that the music be off in the future, because it's hard to hear you talking.



Sep. 22, 2012

4:47 pm

Really good video Ken. You covered all the questions I had about the process and equipment.

I feel that the addition of background rock music however, was unnecessary and only amounted to a distraction while trying to listen to the instruction.

Rick M

Lora Kee

Lora Kee

Sep. 6, 2012

12:45 pm

Hi bmswain,

We'll keep that in mind for future videos. Most of our videos are a few years old and weren't done in HD, but we'll make sure they are on any future videos.


Aug. 25, 2012

12:34 pm

Thanks for a really informative video. It contains a lot of information somewhat new to me.

May I suggest that you generate HD videos. The picture is very grainy and these days HD video is simple and inexpensive to generate. I have a $150 camera which generates full 1080p with stereo sound, way better than the video quality here.

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