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3 great gutter projects

By Jenna Wootton August 21st, 2012

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Apparently, the uses for eavestrough are endless, stretching well beyond collecting and redirecting rainwater. Before seeing these creative creations, I never would have believed there were so many ways to not only incorporate eavestrough into your home and backyard décor, but also do so stylishly. So, whether you’re looking for an inexpensive and interesting project for your home, or a way to get rid of the construction scraps piling up behind the garage, we’ve gathered three great projects for you to try.



This project is especially great for those with limited outdoor space. If you want to make more use of vertical space in your backyard, gutter gardens (pictured below) are a great way to do so.



Made with easy-to-find materials at your local hardware store, such as PVC white rain gutter, steel cables, cross clamps and galvanized eye hooks, a cordless drill and hack saw are nearly all the tools it takes to create this backyard beauty. Find a complete materials list, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to create this project from design blog, Nest in Style.


Built-in cooler:

Tired of going back and forth to keep your guests’ drinks topped up? The DIY built-in cooler below will help solve your entertaining woes, and is definitely something to show off.

Made with 10-inch aluminum rain gutter and a few other small materials, such as gutter caps, angle brackets and screws, the hardest part may be convincing your spouse it’s a good idea to rip out the centre plank of the picnic table. For a complete materials list, how to create this project, and even how to clean up once the party is over, check out this article by design website Redesign Revolution.

A few great tips that will improve this project? Try attaching the gutter from below, so that that brackets are hidden. This alternative will also allow you to re-insert the centre board when necessary, hiding the cooler and keeping it clean of leaves and other falling debris.



A great way to store and display items—especially in children’s rooms, which can always use space-saving organization—these shelves are an incredibly easy-to-make project, perfect for a beginner in DIY. As an added bonus, displaying books in this manner throughout your home may even prompt you or the kids take a little more time to read now and again.

You can also get creative with length and placement of the shelves, as some of these home-owners have.

Made with vinyl rain gutters, you can find a complete tools and materials list, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to mount the shelves at this blog.

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