EnerGuide vs. ENERGY STAR

Does it matter which logo you see when shopping for appliances?

By Tara Nolan

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As consumers, our big-ticket appliance purchases are usually informed by careful price comparisons and consumer reports. We also know to look for energy ratings. However, a recent Angus Reid Public Opinion survey, commissioned by Samsung home appliances, revealed that 64 per cent of Canadians confuse the EnerGuide label with the ENERGY STAR program. So, what’s the difference?

EnerGuide, a Canadian program, reveals how much electricity an appliance will use in a year, comparing it with similar products. Internationally recognized ENERGY STAR labels the most energy-efficient models that meet or exceed energy-efficiency standards.

ENERGY STAR doesn’t cover ovens, clothes dryers or microwaves, but the two programs work in tandem for other products, such as refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. Both labels help savvy shoppers understand just how much energy their new product will consume and how it will contribute to their monthly bills.

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