What wood should you use for interior projects

By Tarpin Lumber & Truss

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The number of wood species best suited for interior use is as varied as the number of projects you can make. Selecting the right product for your woodworking project will ensure success and results that will last.

Here are a few options to consider when selecting a wood species for an indoor application.

Pros Uses Cons
Soft, straight grain Wood carving Very little grain pattern
Red oak
Pros Uses Cons
Many grades depending on number of defects Moudlings Course grain
Furniture Turns black when it becomes wet
Pros Uses Cons
Close grain Flooring Hard and difficult to machine
Finishes to smooth surface Furniture
Pros Uses Cons
Straign grain Cabinets Can be difficult to machine
Fine texture Flooring
Available white or yellow Furniture
White pine
Pros Uses Cons
Soft, paints well Mouldings Too soft for hard usage
Yellow poplar
Pros Uses Cons
Does not split easily Mouldings Will turn brown if exposed to light
Straight grained
Fine texture
Paints well
Pros Uses Cons
Fine grain Furniture Low bending and strength
Dark colour Mouldings
Pros Uses Cons
Straight grain Furniture Does not bend well
Finishes well Cabinets

Content courtesy of Tarpin Lumber and Truss.

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