Stylish workboot options

By Tara Nolan

Photo by Blundstone

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The newest workboots look more like high-end hikers than their steel-toed, camel-hued cousins. But they have more going on than their good looks—important features such as comfort, protection and durability.

CSA Greenpatch
Lightweight and slip-resistant, the Blundstone CSA Greenpatch steel-toe workboot is easy to pull on and off. The breathable leather uppers will mould and stretch to the width and tops of your feet, keeping them comfortable whether you’re working indoors or out.
Price: $190
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CT Lo-Cut Amherst
Don’t let this shoe’s looks deceive you. The Wolverine CT Lo-Cut Amherst CSA may look like a trail runner, but the mesh uppers and rubber outsoles conceal cement construction, protective fabric plates and non-metallic toes. They’re also oil- and slip-resistant
Price: $150
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Red Wing
If you or your kids snowboard, you may be familiar with the unique lacing system on the modern-looking Red Wing Workboots. They use the Boa closure system, which is supposed to allow the laces to put equal pressure around the foot.
Price: $210
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PRO Helix
The Timberland PRO Helix workboots feature the TiTAN safety toe, a lot of traction, and “anti-fatigue technology” that acts as a shock absorber. These lightweight, leather beauts also are waterproof.
Prince: $210
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