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There’s no question that tools have evolved a lot in the 35 years since Canadian Home Workshop’s first issue. The average workshopper of today has access to a broader array of tools that are more powerful and easier to use (and safer) than ever before. In fact, they’re likely to be a lot better than the average pro would have had 35 years ago.

That’s also true of building materials. Engineering wonders such as structural insulated panels, insulated concrete forms, spray foam and composite roofing are widely available and easy to use. And, for the most part, these materials are vastly superior to the ones we were using a few decades ago. Sounds like it’s not such a bad time to be a workshopper.

Pickup truck meant for the farm Souped-up toolbox on wheels
Estwing steel hammer Stiletto titanium hammer
Fibreglass batts Spray foam
19-lb corded Skil saw Cordless lithium-ion circular saw
Tape measure Laser measurer
White, brown or clear silicone Paintable latex caulking
Cement, sand, gravel Ready-mix post-hole fill
Canvas work gloves Contoured ballistic nylon gloves
Blue or green work pants Pants with built-in knee pads
Wooden toolbox Rolling structural foam toolbox
 Corded incandescent trouble light  Cordless LED work light
 Drain snake and shovel  Drain scope with TV screen
 Prybar and sledgehammer  Reciprocating saw
 Six screwdrivers  Picquic multi-bit screwdriver
 Paint store, hardware store, lumber yard  Big-box building centre
 Wise old handyman friend  The internet
 Cedar  Pressure-treated SPF
 Corded drill  18-volt drill/impact driver/hammer drill combo tool
 Varnish Wipe-on, water-based polyurethane
 Propane, copper pipe and solder  Shark Bite tool-free fittings
 Oil-based paint  Latex paint
 Napkin sketch Cellphone camera
 Trip to the hospital  Saw Stop tablesaw
 Hammer and nail set  Cordless nail finisher
 Duct tape  Duct tape
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Jan. 20, 2013

5:03 am

That's it for the article? (Duct tape, LOL)

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