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Since 1996, canadianhomeworkshop.com has been the definitive online source for all things woodworking. Providing information on everything from tools and materials to workshop techniques and free project plans, canadianhomeworkshop.com is one of the few websites to focus on everything woodworking-related.

In 2011, the site was redesigned to better serve our users by enabling them to share and communicate with us, and to supply them with more relevant information than ever before in a clean and easy way. Moving forward, canadianhomeworkshop.com will become part of a larger network of Canadian outdoors and DIY websites including sibling brands:


Canadian Home Workshop Magazine

Canadian Home Workshop has been Canada’s authority on home improvement and woodworking for the last 33 years. The magazine provides its readers with a mix of classic and contemporary woodworking projects, including information for beginners that will develop their skills and more advanced techniques to challenge and inspire.

The do-it-yourself features cover home improvement and renovations, from small projects that can be completed in a few hours to extensive renovations. Canadian Home Workshop also offers expert reviews of the latest tools and home improvement products, and DIY advice. Our goal is to provide a magazine that is not only a resource for our readers’ current to-do list, but also an inspiration for their future projects.


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