Don Kondra

Self taught furniture designer/maker Don Kondra works from his home on an acreage a short drive out of Saskatoon. His first article appeared in the Nov 1995 issue of Canadian Home Workshop magazine.  It featured a kitchen bench with a bent laminated seat cut from a single board and curved legs. Don humorously recalls that the article was produced on a typewriter.

In May 1996 Don officially joined the ”Ask A Pro” team as its finishing expert and soon took on the additional roll of woodworking expert. Don is now into his 32nd year as a professional woodworker and primarily focuses on private commissioned pieces of his own design using solid woods and fine veneers. He also offers custom finishing services, workshops and has recently added product photography to his repertoire.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Tool review – French rasps

I require a few features from a rasp. I want to remove material quickly without having to hold the work object too tightly, and I want the finished surface to be fairly easy to clean up once initial shaping is done. The two Auriou...

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Tool review – fluorescent glue

I compared Titebond Fluorescent Wood Glue and Titebond III to the PVA glue I normally use. The idea behind fluorescent glue is that once you've finished a project, you can use a black light to check if there are any spots of glue...

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