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High-tech sprayer on a budget

Does size really matter? Yes, it does, when it comes to operating a conventional spray gun on a small, portable compressor. You need a large, pricey compressor producing a lot of air to run a conventional spray gun. The small,...

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Tool review – smoother plane

The new Veritas Bevel-Up Smoother Plane is worth serious consideration as one of the first planes to own, or as a welcome addition to any well-tooled workshop. With a 3 1/8"-wide, 10"-long flat-bottom sole length, the plane comes...

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Tighten up your loose-tenon joinery

With loose-tenon joinery, getting consistent and accurate results with a plunge router can be difficult. But with the Mortise Pal jig, cutting mortises is extremely accurate and easy. The Mortise Pal is used with a plunge router...

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How do you heat your home?

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