Show Some Moxie

Women working on construction sites were once head-turning, jaw-dropping events. (Remember your surprise when Jennifer Beals was under that welder’s mask in the 1983 cult-classic “Flashdance?”) But today, women have found their place in the $125-billion Canadian construction industry–taking on all jobs from welder to foreman.

The original Betsy work boot from Moxie Trades

But, just because a woman has stepped into what some people think of as a man’s job, it doesn’t mean she has to wear his shoes too. Moxie Trades created “fashion-forward safety footwear” five years ago in the form of Betsy: a hot-pink work boot. Recently, they expanded their line to include a metal-free athletic runner, a static-dissipating athletic runner, slip-ons, oxfords, light-duty work boots, and there are more to come. Now even ladies who work in factories and other industrial spots can spot stylish safety gear.

Wouldn’t Jennifer Beals have looked even hotter sporting hot-pink safety boots? All she’d need is a bedazzled welding mask to match.

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