Wayback Woodworking: Rocking Settee

A settee for rocking in the fine weather












You know how I know spring is around the corner? No, not the calendar telling me that the first day of spring came earlier this week. The equinox is technically the start of spring, but technically, it’s snowing outside right now. No, it’s the woodworkers and their project choices that tell me warm weather is near. Over the past two days, I have received questions about our Muskoka settee project, a great piece of outdoor furniture for lounging under blue skies.

With nicer weather on my mind, as well as the settee from our April 2009 issue, I went digging for older examples of sunny-day seating amongst our archive spanning 33 years. I found this simple rocking settee, pictured. I love the image because, judging from the tree in the background, the picture was taken in early spring–another example of someone itching to get out after a long winter. You can download Part 1 and Part 2 of the plans for this rocker.

Might you build this settee this year? Or, do you have another outdoor project planned?

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