Stanley, Sports and New Tools

Some days at the CHW office are tough. Today was not one of those days. The folks at Stanley unveiled some new tools this afternoon…in the press box at a Blue Jays game. I know: nice work if you can get it.

The first tools to catch my eye were the Sweetheart planes. That’s right, these planes are not just found at tool auctions anymore. Stanley has updated its classic line. However, you’re still going to have some trouble finding one of these north of the 49th (they are available to the south), but the Stanley guys say the tools will be here soon.




Ain't she a sweetheart?


Sweetheart No. 9 1/2


For those of you who are not so accurate when you swing the framing hammer, there’s the Fatmax Xtreme. Its strike face is 75 per cent larger compared with other Stanley hammers

With a face like this, how can you miss?


Also in the FX line is a new 25€² tape measure called the Beast. It’s got fangs. Well, a huge hook. Combine that with the 13€² stand out and you’ll be grabbing corners from across the room.

Old Fatmax Xtreme hook (right) vs. new Fatmax Xtreme hook (left). My money is on the new guy


Finally, the FX ratcheting adjustable wrench is pretty cool. It looks like a regular adjustable wrench, but one of the jaws allows the tool to slide back over a nut. Turn the tool over, and you can ratchet the nut off.

The jaw on the bottom allows for the ratcheting ability of this ajustable wrench


Oh yeah, and the Jays won.

My view of the game

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