Salvaging Tips

I spoke with Gordie Wornoff today. He’s a carpenter and freecycler. On September 14, you’ll be able to watch him and six others convert an old loft into a high-end live/work space with found materials only. The show is aptly called Junk Raiders. Currently, I have a broken granny cart on my front lawn.

I asked Wornoff if it was something he would salvage. I’ve taken granny carts before, but they’re not very sturdy. I only take things that are worth it or that I’ll use. If I needed wheels for a dolly, I might take those.

It looks like it’s up to me to take care of that cart.



Credit: Discovery Channel


Here are Wornoff’s top five tips for freecycling:

  1. Be safe. Wear gloves. Wear long sleeves and pants if you are jumping into Dumpsters.
  2. You should ask permission before you go through someone’s trash.
  3. Look strategically. For example, wealthier neighbourhoods are usually hotbeds for renovations in the summer and a good place to find old 2×4 studs. For pine, look for discarded futon frames around the end of April in the student neighbourhoods.
  4. A search for a particular item rarely succeeds. If you need angle brackets now, the store is the place to go. But, if you have a lead on some old Ikea furniture, problem solved.
  5. Be prepared and keep and eye out. You never know what you’ll find or when.

Do you have any salvaging tips or tales? Share them in the comments section below.

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