Renovate Your Way out of the Recession

Part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s latest economic stimulus package has something for keep Canadians renovating. The details haven’t been set out fully just yet, but the program is meant to get consumers hiring tradespeople.

[The prime minister ] said the Conservatives will be expanding incentives for retrofit programs that make houses more energy-efficient but said the budget’s efforts will go beyond that to get consumers spending and keep construction workers employed.

The incentive may take the form of tax credits.


Credit: TeddyBoy/Flickr

But, really, we don’t have to wait around for the current government to figure things out. There are already financial incentives for green renos and upgrades. Check out this resource on national and provincial rebate programs. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to combine some of these savings with the proposed federal ones. Could be one big coupon for that reno.

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