Install an electronic tap

Using a running tap to wash your hands or brush your teeth can easily use three or four litres of water-and most of that is wasted. Using an electronic faucet, which activates to a preset temperature once it senses motion in the sink, can save about 80 per cent of the water normally used with a conventional faucet. That means a normal hand-washing, something most people do several times a day, would only consume about 0.5 litres of water. And it’s not just saving water at the tap: an on-demand faucet also produces proportional savings in water-heating energy, water treatment and sewage.

Of course such technology isn’t new-motion-sensitive faucets have been common in public washrooms for several years-but models styled and designed for home use are relatively new. They’re ideal for children as well as for anyone who has difficulty manipulating a conventional faucet. Most models allow for a preset temperature, which helps prevent scalding from water that’s too hot. And because they are hands-free, the automatic faucets have the added benefit of keeping the sink area a little cleaner too.

The faucet we installed for this project is the e-Flow model made by Delta. It’s powered by four AA batteries (a plug-in adapter is also available) and uses an electronic solenoid assembly that mounts below the sink to turn the water on and off when activated by a motion sensor on the faucet.

Despite its high-tech features, it’s really no more difficult to install than a standard faucet, and its temperature control is easily set (and adjusted) on the faucet handle.

As well as the bronze colour we installed, the faucet handle comes in a range of other colours, including blue, purple, green, orange and red. A chrome finish is also available. The e-Flow costs approximately $410. For more information, contact Delta at 800-345-3358 or see

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