Find the right hammer

From Thor’s weapon of choice to Maxwell’s silver hammer of the eponymous Beatles’ song, the world (of art at least) has known a pretty far out mallet or two. Check out these groovy gavels, each with its own take on the tool that’s sometimes a little too attracted to thumbs.

1 The colour does suggest that this tool is for the ladies, but guys, don’t assume this 13 oz. hammer has sacrificed function for fashion: it’s all there.

2 This framing hammer is one bad mammer jammer. The Stiletto TBII-15 is 15 oz. of titanium that hits like 28 oz. of steel. The ergonomic rubber grip lessens the shock to your wrist and arm. Other features include a side nail puller, magnetic nail starter and interchangeable knurled and smooth striking faces.

3 While not strictly a hammer, the Benchmark 6-in-1 multi-tool will fill that role, as well as that of pliers, bender, cutter, twister and even wrench. The Swiss-Army hammer anyone?

4 If you live in a space so small that you can’t perform a full hammer swing without crashing into a wall or you can’t store a 12″ handle because half of it will stick out a window, then the condo hammer is for you. It’s perfect for tap-tap-tapping.



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