Tired of drywall grey, so time for paint!

I’ll spare the bandwidth detailing the hours of final drywall prep….it’s not exactly interesting (nor something I’d particularly like to re-live) but after the final coat of mud (and of course….the sanding), we were ready for paint. We started our morning with the Lowe’s delivery truck at the end of the drive.

And they dropped of something kind of cool….this is the new “High Definition” paint from Valspar. This paint is both a primer and paint in one, and claims one coat coverage.

Now me being a skeptic, I decided to prime anyway….old habits and all that. Now it did give me the chance to test out this super-primer they make that they claim sticks to anything….and I can confirm: This primer sticks to pretty much everything. It rolls on kind of weird, with a very elastic texture….but boy does it ever prime a wall J

Anyway, we got set up:

And started the process.

An interesting find: Before painting I was filling any imperfections in the wood posts and beams, and thanks to the polyfilla I noticed for the first time that someone had left their mark at some point:

And then when I got looking really closely at those initials, it jumped out at me: MAN that grain is tight! Obviously old-growth cedar, I’d never seen a ring count like this in softwood: 40-50 rings per inch!

So the primer was done:

And the paint (which, by the way, is everything they advertised it to be. It’s definitely thicker than I’m used to, but applied well and covered like I could not believe. I quite literally could have halved my paint order and I would have still had some left over.)

And that’s it. Tomorrow we are going to handle a *little* problem with the floors, and maybe get into installing some flooring you may not have seen yet.


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