A jig that lets you cut corners

One of the best ways of cutting curved parts is with a router, so I recently added an excellent router jig to my arsenal of tools. The Trend ellipse- and circle-cutting jig is just the thing for cutting out oval or circular tabletops or the templates to make them. You can also create custom door-frame openings with an elliptical curve at the top by making a plywood template with the router jig that you can then trace onto the framing lumber.

The jig holds a plunge router to a sturdy steel arm, which is attached to a solid base by two sliding pivot points. After attaching the base to my stock temporarily, I set the length of the X and Y axes of the ellipse by positioning the router and locking the pivot points. Then, using a straight-cutting bit, I pushed the router around the perimeter of the ellipse. The pivot points slide around the base smoothly. Assembly and use of the jig were intuitive and easy, and the results are great.

Trend Ellipse- and circle-cutting jig, $240. For more information, call 800-665-2244 or visit www.trend-uk.com.

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