Circ saws on film

With the arrival of fall, thoughts turn to Halloween and the macabre. Here are a few films that have scenes with circular saws or their blades.

As woodworkers and DIYers, I think we should be a bit scandalized with how this useful tool has been typecast as a gruesome weapon. It should really put more thought into the types of roles it takes on.

Saw III (2006)
Something is wrong when forgiveness is followed by a circ saw to the throat.
Gruesomeness: 5/5

Commando (1985)
Before Schwarzenegger became governor of California, he played a character who could heave circ-saw blades like deadly Frisbees.
Gruesomeness: 3/5

Pulse (1988)
A sentient pulse of electricity starts a circ saw and uses the spinning blade to launch a bolt at a man’s head. Oh, come on!
Gruesomeness: 2/5

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