King 12″ sliding mitre saw

King’s new entry into the 12″ sliding mitre saw category has all the right specs: 15-amp power; mitre bevel settings from 0° to 45°, both left and right; cross cutting capacity of up to 4 1/8″ thick and 13 3/8″ wide; and the ability to bevel and mitre at 45° through 2″-thick x 9 1/4″-wide stock. That means this saw stacks up well against the competition, but what’s even more impressive is that the King does it with a price tag of just $300.

The cutting capacity of the 12″ blade is a real bonus, it’s nice to be able to cut 4x4s in one motion, yet be able to handle the finesse cuts, too. The saw’s glide action is smooth, with very little side-to-side blade movement, a good indicator of the saw’s high level of overall fit and finish.

An extension wing at each side offers extra stock support and an extendable rear support prevents the saw from tipping backward. A four-footed base design allows for easy mounting to a workbench. A dust bag as well as a vertical and horizontal hold-down are included along with an excellent twin laser guide system that projects parallel beams approximately 1/8″ apart.

The saw is fully tuneable, including the fence and adjustable depth-of-cut for cutting dados. The laser guide and belt tension are also adjustable.

Although the 40-tooth blade that’s included with saw is well-suited for construction work, a more specialized blade would be necessary for cabinet-quality cuts.

In short, I was very happy with the saw’s overall performance. I had only two minor gripes-the vertical hold-down could have a slightly longer vertical post and the dust bag is small and fills quickly.

At $300 this saw provides a lot of value. The saw comes with a two-year warranty and two spare replacement motor brushes are included.

For more information go to or call 514-636-5464.

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