Get the look of real wood without the hassle

When it comes to wood, nothing beats the real thing. Unless it looks and feels like the real thing but resists mould, rot, insects and fire, and doesn’t require yearly refinishing. Here are five wood doppelgängers sure to trick the mind:

Outwater Beams (Shown above)

Large wooden beams never go out of style, but installation requires major structural support and comes with hefty material and environmental costs. Luckily, there’s an alternative: beams that look like solid wood but are made of heavy-duty plastic. No warping, decay (even outside) or splitting. There are seven styles to choose from, including hand-hewn, raised grain and vintage, with coordinating corbels and accessories available.

Price: $7 to $23 per foot

Everlog Systems Concrete Logs

Get the classic look of a log-cabin-style home without, well, logs. Made of concrete, Everlog wall systems create an exterior log-house look (interior walls are flat). There’s no worry over rot, mould, insects or fire. Plus, the airtight, R-19 insulation value is seven times that of a real log home. The systems come in virtually any natural wood colour. The cost includes product delivery, erection, chinking and finishing.

Price: $80 per sq. ft. (approx.)

Concrete-wood drywall

After billions of B.C. trees were killed by the pesky mountain pine beetle, the province was left with a challenge: what to do with the dead wood? Luckily, a scientist at the University of Northern British Columbia came up with a solution. As it turns out, the wood makes a great ingredient for producing concrete. The result: aesthetically pleasing boards that can be cut with regular woodworking tools. The material is a water-resistant and economical replacement for gypsum-based drywall or as countertops or flooring.

Note: this product is still in development

Trex Composite Decking

Finally, a wood-composite deck board that not only looks like the real thing but feels like it, too. Made from reclaimed or recycled wood and plastic fibres–including post-consumer waste from plastic grocery bags, and sawdust and pallets from woodworking operations–Trex boards are built to last. No more splintering, rotting or the need to paint or seal.

Price: $4 to $6 per sq. ft.

Novik Faux Cedar Shake Siding

From Quebec comes exterior cedar shakes made of moulded plastic. Choose from rough-sawn, hand-split, staggered edge and more in 12 different colours. Unlike real cedar shakes, these replicas won’t warp or break, plus a UV stabilizer prevents discoloration. If stone or brick is more your thing, Novik also makes faux hand-laid brick and handcut stone.

Price: $3 to $4 per sq. ft.

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