To make this CD holder, start by ripping some 3/4"-thick pine to the listed widths, then cross cut the pieces to length with a powered mitre saw. Once these blanks are cut, let your child take over.

Using the grid diagram in the plans as a guide, transfer the curves onto the back and sides.

Show your student how to cut these curves using a scrollsaw, or clamp the pieces in a vise and go at it with a fret or coping saw. Once the cuts are made, smooth any uneven curves using a spindle sander, or sand by hand using 150-grit paper. Assemble the pieces using #8 x 1 1/4" screws. Mark all screw-hole locations and predrill them using a countersinking bit.

Once the project is assembled, add a few coats of finish. For little projects such as this, I prefer an all-in-one stain and varnish product. As I said, simple is good when it comes to kids.

This CD holder looks good on a desk or hung on a wall. If you and your helper feel ambitious, try making several holders and finish them in different colours.

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