Ladders that extend their reach

Pick the right ladder to give your DIY project the boost it needs

By Jill Buchner


Photo by Felix Wedgwood

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When do-it-yourselfers need a boost, not just any old ladder will do. Luckily, with all different shapes and sizes to choose from, DIYers can find the right ladder for any job.

1. The Eagle aluminum extension ladder pulls out to a monstrous 28′. Just don’t look down! $170,

2. This 16′ contraption is perfect for the travelling handyman. The 12 1/2′ Metaltech telescopic ladder is designed so that each rung slides down and fastens under a Velcro strap for an easy-to-carry apparatus. $270,

3. The great thing about Featherlite’s extra-heavy duty stepladder: the front and rear stabilizer feet won’t fall through grated flooring. $200,

4. The Multi-Lite is an articulating 10-in-one ladder that converts to be used as scaffolding, to fit stairs or to fold into a workbench. $160,

5. What this 4′ Bon L/Reynolds fibreglass tripod step may lack in height, it makes up for in good sense. The clever tripod design lets you climb in cramped corners where your regular four-legged ladder doesn’t fit. $220,

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