Essential plumber’s tool kit

All you need to fix leaks, clogs and other plumbing disasters

By Gary Rudy

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Specialty tools

Most specialty tools make difficult jobs dramatically easier and are worth investing in as your plumbing skills increase. For example, a cast-iron pipe wrench makes removing and tightening large-diameter nuts much easier. For even larger nuts, such as those that hold a drainpipe to the bottom of a kitchen sink, a spud wrench will make the job a breeze. A simple handle puller can come in handy for removing corroded faucet handles. Similarly, a basin wrench makes it easy to reach those awkward nuts holding a faucet down to the countertop and will likely save some of the skin on your knuckles as well.

Top (left to right)

Drain Auger
Soldering Flame Shield
Propane Torch

Middle pockets

Flashlight, Pipe Cutter
Locking Pliers
Tongue-and-Groove Pliers
Spud Wrench
Pipe Wrench
Basin Wrench
Safety Glasses
Torpedo Level

Bottom pockets

Joint Compound
Paste Brush
Tape Measure
Copper Fittings
Pipe De-Burring Tool
Emergency Repair Tape
Pocket Tool Carrier

On the floor

ABS Pipe
Copper Pipe
Emery Cloth
Solder Wire
Teflon Tape
ABS Cement
Pipe Dope
ABS Pipe Fitting

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