Three easy and light multi-tools

Let one of these tools do the work for you



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These multi-tools help the handyman travel a little lighter, either by reducing clutter in his toolbox or by making it easier to carry around a bunch of tools that, on their own, might overload his pockets and strain his suspenders.

Cost: $110
The Gerber has 12 components, including wire cutters, prybar and Phillips screwdriver. There is also a ruler in Imperial and metric, but you probably only need the Imperial side.

Cost: $95
This multi-tool is purported to have the strongest pliers made by Leatherman. The 18 other tools have large cutouts that make it easier to pull components out while wearing gloves.

Cost: $45
Don’t let the cutesy name fool you; this tool means business. The carabiner lets you clip the adjustable wrench, 2″ blade, LED light and bottle opener to your belt loop, to keep those tools on hand. The strength of the locking pliers can be adjusted with a thumbscrew set in the handles.

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