Accurate angles on the tablesaw

A new precision instrument means you'll always get your degree

By Ryan Shervill


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When I heard the Incra line of mitre gauges had come to Canada, I ordered one right away. Of the three models available, the basic V27, the standard 1000SE and the large-capacity 3000SE, I chose the 1000SE.

The gauge is a precision tool, accurate to 1/50°. Unlike traditional mitre gauges, the Incra 1000SE has indexed stops every 5° that lock your chosen angle solidly in place. A vernier scale can handle precise adjustments to 1/10°, and an expandable table bar lets you custom-fit the gauge to your saw’s slot to eliminate lateral movement. The fence extends from 18 1/4″ to 31″ to accommodate long stock and features what is probably the best stop block I have ever used. Other nice touches are the ability to attach an auxiliary fence (hardware is provided for this) and the multiple micro-adjustment options.

I tested the 1000SE by setting the stop block 8″ from the blade, and then cutting eight pieces at 22.5°. Between each cut, I set the angle to 0° and then back to 22.5° to ensure repeatability. Even with all the adjustments, the final octagon went together perfectly.

Incra mitre gauges are fantastic upgrades to increase the accuracy of any tablesaw, and this 1000SE has found a permanent home in my shop.

For more information, call 800-267-8761 or visit

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