Earmuffs and gloves for outdoor jobs

Keep warm during cold outdoor tasks

By Jerry Weber


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The job of converting my garage into a shop late last fall was the perfect opportunity for me to test these Pro 600 Exhale Performance work gloves and Pro In­dustrial ear warmers from Gorgonz.

The ear warmers are simple to use. The strap between the ear pads is expandable, so it was easy to adjust the fit at the back of my head. The strap has some spring to it, which keeps the warmers on your ears. This took a little time to get used to, as the warmers do press your ears flat–I found my ears were a bit sore the first few times I wore them, although the fleece lining softens the pressure. The best feature of these warmers is the fact that they keep your ears very warm without overheating, and they’re quick to put on or take off without any fuss, even with my ball cap or a hard hat.

When I tried the gloves, I found them to be tough. After about a month of use, I didn’t have any tears or rips from my renovation work. Intended for heavy-duty use on the job site, they’re made with tough nylon, and reinforced on the palm, fingers and thumb. The padded knuckle guards saved me many times. The gloves are insulated with Thinsulate, so they’re very thin and light but warm.

The most notable part of the gloves is the do-it-yourself warming feature: a rubberized plastic port, about the size of a quarter and 1/4″ thick, is hidden under a Velcro flap just below the knuckles. Whenever your fingers get cold, just blow in there a couple of times and you’ll feel the heat instantly. On chilly days, when the temperature was about -5°C, it took three to four puffs to warm up my hands. These gloves worked great while working in mild to moderate weather conditions. They’re not intended for work in snow or wet conditions–I tried it once and my hands quickly got cold. But in dry conditions, they never got damp, even when I worked up a sweat.

The gloves and ear warmers are the perfect combo for outdoor jobs in spring and fall. The Pro 600 Exhale Performance gloves cost $35; the Pro Industrial ear warmers are $20.

For more info, call 877-725-4386 or go to www.gorgonz.com.

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