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Rebate programs can make your eco-friendly investments pay back even faster

By Ryla Campbell


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In order to promote energy-efficient homes, Canada’s federal and provincial governments have programs to help when you build, buy or renovate. (Even some municipal governments have rebate and grant programs.) Some aim at simply reducing your personal energy consumption. Here is a list of some of the programs available.

National programs

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program
Canadians looking to make their home more energy efficient can participate in this federal program, run by Natural Resources Canada. The program includes a home energy efficiency assessment (for which fees vary) outlining your home’s energy use, in addition to a customized report. The report details the grant amounts that are available for making the upgrades, and categories for improvements include heating, cooling and ventilation systems, insulation and air sealing. The maximum grant available is $5000. To book an appointment with an NRCan-certified energy advisor, call 1-800-622-6232 (1-800-O-Canada).

EnerGuide is a project developed by Natural Resources Canada that helps consumers learn how to make energy efficient choices when buying appliances or building their home. When constructing a home, an EnerGuide advisor will take a look at your house plans and provide energy saving advice (such as window and door efficiency).

Once your builder has finished construction, the advisor returns to the house to ensure the upgrades have taken place, performs a “blower door test” and gives an EnerGuide rating. Please visit Natural Resources Canada for more details.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Through Canada’s national housing agency, depending on the energy efficiency of your home (i.e. an R-2000 model or an EnerGuide for Houses rating of 77 or above) or a willingness to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you may be eligible when using CMHC insured financing for the purchase of a property for a 10% mortgage loan insurance premium refund and extended amortization. For more information on R-2000, please call 1-800-668-2642.

Genworth Financial Canada: Energy-Efficient Housing Program
Those looking to buy an energy-efficient home (ie R-2000 or EnerGuide rated 77+) or those refinancing an existing home to make renovations to reduce energy costs with the assistance of Genworth Financial may now be eligible for a 10% premium refund. Please visit the website for more requirements. For more information please call 1-800-511-8888.

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