A natural wood treatment that’s easy on nature

Get the weathered look without the worry of mould growth and uneven colour patterns

By Steve Maxwell

wood treatment

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Letting your next outdoor project weather naturally-turning to a silver-grey sounds so casual and green, almost Zen. The problem: natural weathering often looks ugly, especially when there’s a little black mould here and some bright, unweathered zones there.

An attractive, easy-going, alternative method to the laissez-faire route is a Canadian product called Lifetime Wood Treatment. This non-toxic, inexpensive option comes as a powder that you mix with water. Brush, slosh or spray it onto bare wood just once and it creates a naturally weathered look within hours. If you’re brushing Lifetime on, just mix and use it as is, even with the chunks that form during preparation. Spraying is my favourite method of application (after I’ve strained the mix).

The manufacturer claims that Lifetime acts as a wood preservative, although my six years using the product isn’t long enough to say if rot has been prevented. All I know for sure is that the product turns the surface an attractive, olive-grey colour almost instantly, with the wood morphing to silver in time. No mould, no colour variations in weathered surfaces and no regrets that I’m spending too much time taking care of my outdoor wood.

For more information, call 888-874-7717 or visit www.valhalco.com.

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