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Magnetic message board fix materials

A fresh supply of recent snapshots are fun to have on hand, but because I wanted a nicer place to show them than my refrigerator door, I built this magnetic display board. It looks better than the fridge, while still offering...

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Masthead Digital Director | Sue Haas Digital Manager | Charlotte Fortier (on leave)Acting digital Manager | Meagan HamelDigital Content Manager | Lora Kee Magazine Editor-in-Chief & Brand Manager | Douglas...

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Contributor guidelines

Canadian Home Workshop is Canada's finest home-improvement and woodworking magazine. We provide our readers with a mix of classic and contemporary woodworking plans, from some beginner projects that build skills and confidence to...

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5 Mission-style projects for your home

Do you love the ray-flecked surface of quartersawn oak? If so, you'll love these mission-style projects you can build yourself. Deck your home with a Mission-style mirror, candle holder, coffee table and more.

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Terms of use

Welcome to (the "Site") is an interactive online service operated by Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media Partnership ("us", "we", or "our"). These Terms of Use apply...

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Working with plywood

Working with solid wood is a joy in so many ways. When you see a minor defect, you have material thickness to sand, scrape and plane. But for larger case goods, such as cabinetry and bookcases, solid wood isn't always practical....

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Three things you need to know about green woodworking

If you envision a granola-eating hippie hand planing his reclaimed lumber when you hear the phrase “green woodworking,” then you have the wrong picture. Green woodworking is the art of working with wood from freshly cut logs...

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What you need to know about wood finishes

From hand-cut dovetails to screw-together joinery, amateur woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts use a wide range of skills. But there's a common line every project must cross before it's done: the finish line. Finishes are necessary...

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How to choose and use hand planes

Every time I mention a hand plane to a group of woodworkers in my workshop, I see their eyes glaze over. People love their tablesaws, jointers and planers–generally, anything with a large motor on it. But I can’t emphasize...

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How do you heat your home?

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