Deanna Dority

Although Deanna is not herself skilled at woodworking, she is skilled at working with words. And thanks to her husband’s own skills as a DIYer, this freelance writer-editor has been contributing articles to Canadian Home Workshop for a number of years, covering their home reno projects ranging from tankless water heaters to heated floors, as well as design stories on backyards and decks.

She has also written articles for Homemakers and Canadian Gardening magazines, among others. When time permits, in the nicer weather Deanna can be found out on the golf course, which is more than she can say for many of her golf balls.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

In-ground irrigation

Tired of always having to run outside, set up the sprinkler, turn on the sprinkler, monitor the watering time, then turn off the sprinkler? I know I would be-if it weren't for the fact that it's my husband, Kevin, who's been...

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Install a heated tile floor

Renovating a room or building one from scratch often gives you the freedom to include amenities you might not otherwise consider. So when my husband, Kevin, and I decided to put a bathroom in our basement, our wish list pretty...

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How do you heat your home?

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