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Bathroom renovation on a budget

It's not unheard of in today's booming renovation market for a contractor to charge $10,000 for even a small bathroom renovation. The budget for this project was approximately $1,500-which ruled out major alterations such as new...

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Stop the drip: Fix a leaky eavestrough

Leaky eavestroughs can create a wide variety of problems, from simple nuisance drips to serious foundation leaks. The good news is that fixing them is relatively easy. Joint leaksIf the leak is at the joint of two pieces, make a...

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Install a pressed tin backsplash

The idea of covering walls and ceilings with metal panels painted to look like plasterwork was first seen in North America around the middle of the 19th century. Homeowners used the panels as a low-cost way to imitate the...

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Refinish your hardwood floors

Refinishing your home's hardwood floors can be a big job, but if you do it well the final results will be very rewarding. In fact, its resilience is one the great features of hardwood. Even when the floor is badly scratched and...

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Essential plumber’s tool kit

A very efficient contractor I know organizes his tools into several different kinds of kits. He has a different tool kit for each kind of job: a plumbing kit; an electrical kit; a drywall kit. He says arranging his gear in...

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How do you heat your home?

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