Michel Roy

Michel has contributed to Canadian Home Workshop since 2003. Even though he works as a contractor and furniture builder, he really enjoys motivating others to do things for themselves. He really believes that with a little investment in tools and time, most people can learn to craft and fix things, rather than buy or discard them.

In home improvement terms, he generally works on projects involving cabinetry, tile and trimwork.

Michel is also a great fan of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, and he likes building furniture pieces that reflect that style, though since moving to the West Coast, he’s become more interested in contemporary design.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Green with energy: A cordless kit

I've recently been using a cordless kit from Ryobi that has really impressed me with its remarkable performance at a very reasonable price. The Ryobi One+ lithium-ion four-piece kit comes with three cordless tools: a...

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Edge trimmer

A power planer is a handy tool to have in the workshop and also for renovation projects. You can use the tool to plane an edge or face of a board, of course, but it is also perfect for trimming a door to fit in its opening,...

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A recip with zip

Every so often a tool comes along that is so useful and adaptable to different jobs that you find yourself reaching for it all the time. I’ve been reaching for Milwaukee’s new Hackzall a lot lately. The Hackzall is a sort of...

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A jig that lets you cut corners

One of the best ways of cutting curved parts is with a router, so I recently added an excellent router jig to my arsenal of tools. The Trend ellipse- and circle-cutting jig is just the thing for cutting out oval or circular...

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Stanley mobile project centre

For years, I've used an old door with folding table legs as a jobsite worktable. It makes a great work surface, but it is heavy and awkward to carry. As a result, I often find myself leaving it behind and working on top of a...

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Tool review – hand plane

When I first started woodworking, I was drawn to hand tools such as planes and chisels and the way they quietly shaved away wood rather than noisily turning out mounds of dust. But as my hobby became my profession, the economies...

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Vise-grip tool test

One of the most embarrassing moments I've ever suffered as a renovator involved a slightly battered adjustable wrench that absolutely refused to come off a plumbing fitting. I struggled under a sink while a client watched me...

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Diamonds are a grit’s best friend

Dull tools make for difficult work. To combat this problem, I recently equipped myself with a fantastic diamond sharpening system from Trend that handles chisels and plane blades with ease. There is an added bonus: other cutting...

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Mitre saws reviewed

Mitre saws, or chop saws, as they're more often called, are tools that have found a place in both the workshop and on the construction site. There are several variations on the theme, but all chop saws are designed for cutting...

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