Michel Roy

Michel has contributed to Canadian Home Workshop since 2003. Even though he works as a contractor and furniture builder, he really enjoys motivating others to do things for themselves. He really believes that with a little investment in tools and time, most people can learn to craft and fix things, rather than buy or discard them.

In home improvement terms, he generally works on projects involving cabinetry, tile and trimwork.

Michel is also a great fan of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic, and he likes building furniture pieces that reflect that style, though since moving to the West Coast, he’s become more interested in contemporary design.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Plan a woodworking birthday party

With my twin boys’ ninth birthday approaching, Elliot and Nelson asked if we could host a woodworking party for their friends. I happily agreed, but it took some preparation to make sure the event turned out to be a safe and...

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Painting outside

Although a long-running decor disagreement might have you feeling otherwise, when it comes to exterior painting, finding the right colour really is the easy part. Selecting the right primer and paint formulation is the tricky bit....

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Restore traditional single-pane windows

While the traditional single-glazed sash is becoming rare, there are still a lot of wood windows out there worth repairing. Single-glazed windows are popular in heritage homes, sheds, garages and cottages. Window panes need...

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Three products to make putting up drywall easier

Drywalling can be heavy, dusty, awkward and tiring. With a view to smoothing out the inherent difficulties in a recent drywalling project, I tried out some excellent new products that promise to make this onerous chore easier...

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Paint sprayers for an easy finish

Traditional painting tools such as brushes and rollers can handle just about every DIY painting job there is, including finishing furniture. There may come a project, however, that persuades you to step up to a power-painting...

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Get a new tub without the demo

Replacing a bathtub can be pretty complicated. In addition to the removal and disposal of the tub, there's also the prospect of replacing adjacent flooring and walls, not to mention the tricky plumbing. You may want to avoid the...

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Tile-cutting techniques and tools

Whether glass, ceramic or stone, tile offers up so many decorative possibilities for surfaces around the house. And it is a great project for all DIYers. Tiling requires proper substrates, correct adhesives or mortars and good...

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25 ways to be a resourceful renovator

You recycle, you buy local food when you can and maybe you bike to work on occasion. But how do your homebuilding and renovating practices rate on the eco-meter? With these tips, you'll be able to increase the health of your...

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Wear your safety earmuffs

I take shop safety quite seriously, so I have three sets of ear protection to rely on to guard my hearing. I recently tried the NoiseBuster safety earmuffs. It's my first experience with active noise reduction (ANR) technology. In...

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