Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell lives on Manitoulin Island, Ontario and has worked remotely as technical editor of Canadian Home Workshop since 1990. He uses his experience as a cabinetmaker, carpenter and stonemason to prepare projects for the magazine, to write stories of his own, and to test and review products and tools in his workshop. Steve has a readership of about 2 million people across Canada and the US, and takes photos and creates videos to accompany his work.

When Steve’s not working with words, wood and stone, he likes to spend time gardening, cutting firewood, and showing his five kids how to make things.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Video: Make your own shop-cut veneered plywood

Sometimes the stability and strength of hardwood-veneered sheet goods is perfect for a particular project, but the material may not come in the species you need. Or maybe you're leery about using ready-made veneered ply in which...

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Video: Jigsaw orbital blade action demo

Jigsaws with the orbital action feature can be adjusted to move their blades either in a straight, up-and-down motion for smooth cuts or in varying degrees of a D-shape for more aggressive cuts.

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