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5 essential clamps

When you're in the middle of gluing up, there's no such thing as too many clamps. But using the right kind of clamp is just as important as having enough. Applied with sufficient pressure, the perfect clamp makes joinery a snap....

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Light up your deck or patio

The neighbours are over for dinner, admiring your new deck while you fire up the barbecue. As dusk falls, the solar-powered lights underneath the patio umbrella begin to glow. “Where'd you get that?” your neighbour asks. You...

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Tools – Asian influence

While some woodworkers swear by their Western handsaws, others haven't looked back since they turned east. Dozukis and other Japanese-style saws cut on the pull stroke to give more control, and their thinner blade means a thinner...

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Hone your woodworking tools

If you think sharpening is difficult, you're missing the point. Working with a dull chisel or cupped hand-plane iron is frustrating and even dangerous. Learn to sharpen your own plane blades and chisels, and you'll always be on...

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Robo-mowers cut the grass for you

Like a Roomba released in the wild, computerized lawnmowers are coming to a suburb near you. Snip, snip, snip–the automower zigzags across the lawn, buzzing quietly as it climbs hills and backs away from flowerpots, then...

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How do you heat your home?

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