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Japanese saws excel at fine cuts

By Susan Peters

japanese saws

Photo by Felix Wedgwood

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While some woodworkers swear by their Western handsaws, others haven’t looked back since they turned east. Dozukis and other Japanese-style saws cut on the pull stroke to give more control, and their thinner blade means a thinner kerf. That makes them perfect for cutting dovetails, mitres, tenons or any fine joinery.

From left to right:

1. Different from a dozuki, a ryoba has two blades, for both cross cutting and ripping, like this Japanese Traditional Ryoba Saw, $52, Lee Valley, 800-267-8767

2. This Bakuma Japanese Handsaw has 15 teeth per inch and a rattan-wrapped wooden handle, $30, House of Tools, 800-661-3987

3. With 30 teeth per inch, the Silky Folding Joinery Saw gives smooth, tear-free cuts, $59, The Japan Woodworker, 800-537-7820

4. The steel spine of a modern-looking Extra Fine-Cut Saw gives more control when cutting, $35, Irwin, 800-464-7946.


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