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Winter 2012 on Canadian Home Workshop

Check out the fun projects and DIY home improvement tips that will make this winter fun and functional.

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Our favourite projects to make for kids

Do you have a young one on your holiday gift list? What better gift than one made by your own hands, that they can treasure for years to come. Here are our top picks for gifts to make for kids. Get started now to have them wrapped...

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Top 10 shop tips

For the past decade, we’ve brought you tips from the most important workshops around: our readers’. Save time, money and a whole lot of hassle by revisiting our favourite Shop Tips. 1. Flush with ideas (February 2002) For...

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Canadian Home Workshop’s Top 10 Projects

How does one pick the best projects out of hundreds—and we have run hundreds? How does one distill 35 years of craftsmanship into 10 items. Well, it’s not easy and you can argue it’s not fair. But here are the best. Like...

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Mobile planter

A project from our first issue. Look at those lines. Look at that photo. So 70s, this project practically has a butterfly collar. From the plan: Indoor foliage is easily cared for with Workshop's mobile planter. The three...

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Rockin’ and rollin’ marble racer

There's no better way to bump into a little adventure than a little road trip. A few times each year, my mother and stepfather would get in their car for a week of touring Pennsylvania's Amish country. They always had a starting...

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Hand saws put to the test

Sure, you have cordless power saws for all kinds of cuts. But sometimes, the old handsaw is quicker, cleaner and quieter. No batteries to charge or cords to run. Just pick it up and cut. Stanley 15" FaxMax handsaw Tester: Deon...

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What hands-free faucet is best?

It’s a common kitchen conundrum: that weird contortionist dance of turning on the tap without getting it covered in raw chicken juice—or whatever else is on your hands. Both Delta and Moen offer hands-free taps, but with...

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