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Choose your deck materials

Materials Choosing the material for your new deck isn’t as simple as wood versus composite. If solid wood is your preference, you can choose pressure-treated lumber, which is the most inexpensive material option. You have to...

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Workshop stocking stuffers and small projects

'Tis the season for holiday giving, but that doesn't mean you have to swap the shop for the shopping mall. Here are simple gifts you can make from wood you already have. For even more seasonal joy, get some little elf helpers to...

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Deck-building guide

The deck: Home of the barbecue, lounge chairs and memories of warm summer nights. Whether your beloved back porch is in need of a facelift or you're eagerly planning your very first deck, we've got the tips, tricks and insider...

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7 ways to get your lawn and garden looking great

Is your yard in rough shape after this year's harsh winter and long spring? We'd love to help! From an in-ground irrigation system to a robot lawnmower that does the work for you, we've got all you need to make your yard and...

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Soldering Tips for Mid-winter Breaks

A recent blackout had me reaching for a propane torch, and it wasn’t for warmth. What I learned this past weekend is that you shouldn’t assume that a power outage is a short one. While you can bet the folks at your local...

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How do you heat your home?

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