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Milwaukee Self-Feeding Wood Bit

By Cathy Dalrymple               Last week, I paid a visit to the Milwaukee Tool Company’s headquarters. The folks in Wisconsin had an impressive batch of new tools. Aside from all the drills, reciprocating saws and nailers, I was...

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The Canadian Home Workshop 2010 Deck Contest Winners

Congratulations to Mia and Robert Lane of Demorestville, Ont.; they are our 2010 Deck Contest winners. They impressed the judges with their elegant plan to create a space in their backyard for dining, gardening and even bird watching. Their prize package includes Kayu Batu...

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Kerdi Board and Bathroom Tiles

When preparing your bathroom walls for tiles, you can often be confronted with more layers than a wedding cake. There’s the mould-resistant drywall, concrete board, a waterproof membrane and thinset. Whew. Then the tiles go up. The folks at Schluter have come up with a...

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Two Tools for Tearing Up a Deck

                    In typical, Victoria Day fashion, I had a conversation about decks this weekend. A friend and I bashed out a few ideas for the space around his cottage. He has two entrances to his building, one...

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Kids Make Clocks at the Canadian Home Workshop Show

Just like the popular rides at an amusement park, you have to be yay high in order to build your own clock at the Kids’ Corner. But, if mom and dad are around, sometimes the height requirement isn’t an issue. With his dad on hand, 11-year-old Trevor is ready to transform a...

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As the Show Turns

It’s late on Sunday night, the sawdust seems to have settled and the tools are all packed up. The Canadian Home Workshop Show is over. In the Woodworking 101 interactive area, showgoers built 285 wine racks designed by Jennifer Hart. Tim Alexander, the designer of clocks built...

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Highlights from the Canadian Home Workshop Show

Check these snaps from Friday and today. There’s more of this tomorrow. Come down.              

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Music for the Shop

I’m trying to get a shop-appropriate playlist together and I’m hoping you can help me fill it out. Here’s what I have so far: “If I Were a Carpenter,” Tim Hardin “Norwegian Wood,” The Beatles “If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song),” Pete Seeger and Lee...

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Contest: The Handiest Places in Canada

The Winter 2010 issue of CHW should be in your hands soon (sooner for subscribers). And when do you get the issue, you will see this map of Canada with some of the handiest places in the country. Biscuit Point, Drill Lake, Hammer Cove–the names just ooze DIY. Out of this map,...

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The Pros and Cons of Cheap Tools and Accessories

                    We all like a good deal, but lately, there’s been a greater examination of the true price we pay for inexpensive items. On a global scale, you have works like Ellen Ruppel Shell’s Cheap: The...

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