DeWalt pliers pack

Some tools just appear in your toolbox. I feel that was the case with my first pairs of diagonal, long-nose and linesman pliers. They were probably hand-me-downs. They worked OK. The diagonal could cut cable, but it wasn’t the cleanest slice. The plastic grips would slide off most of them and I would dutifully slide them back on. We got along fine for years. Then they, and quite a few other tools, were stolen.

With a clean slate and the need for new tools, I thought I’d try DeWalt’s pliers (DWHT70485) to see if they’d do the trick. I must say that as much as I miss my old tools, the new pliers are better. The rubber and plastic grips are strong and comfortable, and they won’t be sliding off the handles. DeWalt says these tools have 70 per cent more cutting power. I found they cut easily through 1.5 mm cable and left clean slices. The springs in the handles are crisp, making the lever action smooth. My only quibble is with a few of the close/lock mechanisms, which are quite stiff. Still, stiff is better than a loose, and therefore useless, mechanism.

Verdict: excellent pliers that now have a place in my toolbox.

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