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Flare Rack

Flare Rack





Port Hope, Ont.

I’ve adapted the Lanark County spoon rack project (Winter 2006, page 42) to create a ready-use rack for distress flares. The rack holds the full complement of 12 flares that I am legally required to have on board my sailboat, Saorsa II.

The project didn’t need very much alteration. The only major item was to adapt the spoon holders to hold flares. This change was done with semicircular recesses lined with a bit of foam.

The rack is mounted to a bulkhead at the bottom of the companionway steps. This arrangement keeps the flares out of the weather but very visible and readily accessible. The boat and rack have been through a few boisterous outings without any problem.

The project is made from 1/2″-thick marine plywood. Joinery was done with biscuits and a few dados; the drawer with simple finger (box) joints cut on the tablesaw.

Many thanks for a fun project.

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