Work Sharp tool sharpener

Find out how this motorized device takes the work out of sharpening

By Rick Campbell

tool sharpener

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Until recently, I maintained a keen edge on my bench chisels, turning tools and plane irons by hand, using abrasive stones and an angle jig. The process was time-consuming and required skills I had never fully mastered. Then I discovered a user-friendly motorized system called the Work Sharp WS3000, which achieves razor-sharp results in a short amount of time.

All the work is done by adhesive-backed abrasive paper that adheres to spinning flat discs made of thick tempered glass. Two discs are included with the kit and abrasives can be applied to both sides, giving you the choice of four different grits simply by changing the orientation of the wheels. An adjustable sharpening port provides a foolproof system for setting the bevel angle. The port can accommodate a variety of bevels. Abrasive paper applied to the guide automatically removes the burr as the tool slides out of the opening. The adjustable port can also be used to create 5Ëš micro bevels that will extend the life of your tools by removing less steel and save you time when you need to re-hone. There is no need to worry about damage from overheating the tip because the unit is air-cooled and has a heat sink to help lower the temperature.

The WS3000 comes with two glass wheels, one slotted wheel, a variety of abrasives and a crepe block to keep the abrasive surfaces clean. For more information, visit or call 800-597-6170.

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