Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell has been making sawdust in his London, Ontario workshop for over 25 years. He pays the bills working full-time as a financial analyst for the University of Western Ontario but his real passion is building reproductions of period furniture whenever he can carve out a few hours of shop time.

Rick has constructed over 80 projects for Canadian Home Workshop since his first submission in the March 2000 issue.

Rick tells us that his favorite project is always the next one on the drawing board – he strives to make each one a little better than the last.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Turn closet space into office space

When I was growing up, the kitchen table was our home office-the place where kids gathered at the end of the day to do their homework and where our parents sorted out the monthly household bills. Today, computers are used more and...

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Learn how to install a handy benchtop vise

In the March 2010 issue of Canadian Home Workshop, I wrote about how to build my movable shop benches ("Dynamic Shop Duo," page 22). On one of them, I installed a vise that I bought from Lee Valley (#70G08.01), a standard...

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Work Sharp tool sharpener

Until recently, I maintained a keen edge on my bench chisels, turning tools and plane irons by hand, using abrasive stones and an angle jig. The process was time-consuming and required skills I had never fully mastered. Then I...

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Tool review – router base

If you've ever trimmed plastic laminate with a router, you know how easy it is to scratch the material when tiny particles get caught between the base plate and the surface. When this happens, your choices are to live with the...

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Cut corners on mortises

While you can prepare mortises using a drillpress and a hand chisel, nothing compares to the speed and accuracy of a dedicated hollow-chisel mortising machine. After taking a close look at all the major brands, I chose a benchtop...

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